Karma Balanced!

8s yinyang

 Φ  It takes just as much time to learn time as there is time in this Universe to learn, for every minute forward you look, you are looking exactly one minute back.  An energy unto itself!  This action/reaction exchange of energy is the fundamental rhythm of the universe, the primordial heartbeat, and from it are spawned the infinite combinations of beats that form atomic structure.  Wavelength and frequency.   Φ 





Φ Karma is the balance that is made between action and reaction.  Not simply a moralistic principles of ‘good versus evil’ but an all encompassing understanding of energy itself.  A dynamic system, of which we are a keenly observational part.  Karma Balanced! Φ






Φ An action / reaction handshake is made during the tensioning of the Karma Balanced drum and the reaction is recycled back into action to create a balanced tension at all nodal points.  The result is an always perfectly tuned drum that can change pitch ‘on the fly’ with just One touch!  One Love! Φ





Φ Modern rope tuned drums to embrace our drumming roots and take advantage of the benefits that rope tuned drums offer; light weight, high strength, simplified tuning, and user-serviceable components… Made in the USA with 100% USA originating  extremely strong stainless steel wire rope and aerospace industry hardware to be nearly indestructible! Φ

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